How to smoke well and hold a cigarette: smoker etiquette

Even the ubiquitous health promotion today cannot reduce the number of people who smoke. But most of them are completely unaware that they don't quite smoke according to the rules, harming themselves. Improper smoking is even more harmful to the body.

How to properly hold a cigarette

It seems, what difficulties can arise while smoking?

Simply take a cigarette, light it, hold it between your lips, then inhale. In reality, however, everything is a bit more complicated. In the process of smoking, there are also some rules and characteristics that should be taken into account. If you follow them, you can slightly reduce the damage to your body. In this article, you will learn how to hold and smoke a cigarette.

  1. What to do first?

    There is a simple movement that occurs in people who have been smoking for a long time. Before lighting a cigarette, they either strike the packet in the palm of their hand or lightly strike it on the table to shake its contents. They make the same movement with the cigarette when they take it out of the packaging. From the outside, it may look like some sort of obligatory ritual or some sort of nervous habit. But if you ask a smoker why he does it, you will find that in this way he weakens the tobacco by releasing it. The result of this manipulation is that the cigarette is easier to smoke, takes longer, and will not be as strong.

    The next step is to figure out how to hold the cigarette properly. To do this, you need to squeeze it at the base of two fingers. It is best to tighten between the index and the middle. Then lower the cigarette.

    It is known that most male smokers prefer to pinch their cigarettes with their index fingers and thumbs, thus hiding the smoking goby from others.

    To hide your bad habit, you must hold the cigarette in the same way, but at the same time bend your fingers towards the palm. Thanks to this, you can make the cigarette less visible in your hand.

    Now let's light a cigarette. This can be done using matches or a lighter. The cigarette should be pressed between the lips and the fire should be brought from the opposite side. At this point you should start to suck air through. Just like drinking liquid through a straw - these actions are somewhat similar to each other. As you light a fire, wait for the cigarette to start to burn on its own. Without waiting for that, it will simply go out, which is why it must be given the opportunity to ignite. The process of burning a cigarette should be uniform.

  2. Common ways to smoke

    How to smoke and hold a cigarette correctly? There are many different ways. We will share with you which ones are used more often than others.

    The main ways to smoke
    1. You have to start with this: Hold a cigarette between your lips. Hold it with your fingers, set it on fire and inhale the smoke. You must not do this too harshly, otherwise you will have a violent cough.
    2. To taste like tobacco, you must hold the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds to cool it.
    3. Then the smoke should be exhaled through the mouth. It should be done with slightly compressed lips, as in a kiss.
    4. The whole smoking process should continue until the distance between the filter and the burning tobacco is half a centimeter.
    5. Don't forget to shake off the ashes. This should be done after every second or third puff. The ashes should be shaken off by holding the cigarette with your thumb and middle finger, bringing you closer to its smoking edge with your index finger.

    The French way of smoking is also common among smokers. It consists in that after a puff the smoke is exhaled through the mouth, after which it must be inhaled again through the nose.

    Additionally, there is also a known method which differs in that the smoke is exhaled through the nose. For example, it happens that a person does not smoke and literally immediately exhales the smoke without inhaling it into the lungs or holding it in the mouth. So it barely reaches the lungs.

    If you fall into the trap of bad habits, especially smoking, you need to learn not only the rules of the process itself, but also the rules of behavior when you want to smoke.

    A person wondering how to start smoking will clearly look uncomfortable during the process. For an aesthetic appearance, you should try to adhere to smooth movements when pulling and not to cough.

  3. What is the smoking label and what does it look like?

    You have learned to smoke and hold a cigarette properly, but that is not enough, it is also important to know the informal etiquette of smokers.

    smokers label

    It consists of the following rules:

    1. If you have finished smoking a cigarette, it should be completely extinguished.
    2. Before lighting a cigarette at a party or at someone else's car, you must seek permission from the owner of that property or the driver.
    3. It is considered extremely bad for a woman to smoke while walking. For men, this is acceptable.
    4. It is not usual to speak with a cigarette between your teeth, to blow smoke in front of your interlocutor or around other people.
    5. If you haven't finished smoking and put your cigarette in the ashtray and it goes out, you shouldn't light it anymore.
    6. When you smoke a cigarette indoors, do not shake the ashes on the ground. To do this, you need to use an ashtray.
    7. If a woman decides to smoke a cigarette in the presence of a representative of the opposite sex, then the man must bring light to the cigarette.
    8. If someone asks you to smoke a cigarette of your own, be aware that it is a violation of etiquette, and you may only do so in extreme cases.
  4. What should you know about smoking?

    1. Never smoke in areas with flammable substances.
    2. Smoking on an empty stomach can cause nausea.
    3. Smoking can lead to miscarriage in pregnant women.
    4. Nicotine causes the onset and exacerbation of ulcers, intestinal colitis, and the development of other digestive tract problems.
    5. Nicotine poison from smoke often affects the lungs, larynx, esophagus and other organs, causing cancer.
    6. Second-hand smoke is just as dangerous to your health as active smoking, especially for people with asthma and heart problems.
    7. Male and female reproductive function is directly dependent on smoking.
    8. You must not smoke in bed, as the fire from the smoldering cigarette can strike the fabric and start a fire.
    9. Beginners may develop symptoms of nicotine poisoning. Until the body gets used to a bad habit, symptoms can manifest as nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.
  5. In conclusion

    In this article, we have taken a detailed look at how to hold and smoke a cigarette. If you become addicted to this bad habit, decide for yourself. Before you start smoking, you should be aware of all the possible health consequences and risks to the body that smoking can cause for you and those around you.